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Welcome to the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators – New England Chapter

This Chapter was created to encourage and support New England based natural science illustrators through networking, technique workshops, exhibits and sharing of our collective knowledge with each other. Our common goal is science education through our art.

Group photo from our January 2017 general meeting.

Group photo from our January 2017 general meeting.

Just What Exactly is a Guild Anyways?

A guild is an association of people for mutual aid and the pursuit of a common goal. The mission of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators is to bring together individuals who share a common love of science and use their artistic talent to communicate visually and educate others about science.

If you are artistic and enjoy science, join us!

Our members are as diverse as our subject matter. We come from a wide range of fields from natural science illustration, scientific illustration, botanical illustration and even medical illustration and veterinary illustration. No matter what field we specialize in, we each have unique skills and talents to share with each other.

Some of our members are art educators, freelance illustrators, staff illustrators, backyard scientists and students. Some of our members paint, others sketch, some sculpt and some work digitally. We all have one thing in common – an uncompromising appreciation for the role of art and science in the world we live in and a desire to communicate it with others. We invite you to join us!

Past Activities

Watercolor study of cecropia moth pupa by Nancy Minnigerode
Building and Maintaining Your Own Website-lecture
Ecotarium Pitcher Plant Sketch by Nancy Minniegerode
Field Sketching Kit Overview by Wendy Berube
Mass Migrations Exhibit Logo
Mass Migrations Exhibit Logo
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