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Into the Woods Exhibit and Opening Reception

Exhibit Coordinators: Wendy Berube and Nanci Worthington

This themed exhibit focused on one of the largest natural resources that surround us on any given day. Our trees and forests have a direct impact on the environment and climate. This exhibit depicts the ecological importance of woodlands, including trees and other flora, fauna, and fungi, as well as ecosystem processes and conservation. These photos were taken during the Into the Woods exhibit opening reception which was held at Mass Audubon Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary.

Our annual themed exhibit is instrumental in bringing our mission of combining art, education and science out into the public. Increasing public awareness completes the circle, by using our art to teach our viewers something that applies right here in their daily lives. We invite you to come to meet the artists, explore the artwork they have created and learn there’s more to our local woodlands than just trees.

Thanks to our volunteers who helped make our exhibit opening a success!