Membership Diversity

Our diverse membership is what makes our Chapter, and the Guild as a whole, so vibrant and interesting. Each and every one of us has something interesting to share. Who better to share it with than other like-minded artistic individuals? It doesn’t matter if you are a student, or a seasoned freelance illustrator, work with a paintbrush or a Wacom tablet – we all have the same passion, we just go at it in different ways.

Join Our Chapter – Share Your Knowledge

Are you a New England based illustrator?  Do you create illustrations of animals, plants, and other scientific imagery in an effort to educate, inform or explain the science of the natural world to your audience? Do you teach natural science illustration? Do you want to learn more about natural science illustration? No matter what your background is, you will be in good company here!

Please join us and make your own contribution to the group.

Where are our members from?

New England is a pretty big territory for a Chapter to cover, so here’s a map to help you see which towns or cities our current members are located in. Even if you live far from our usual meeting location at RISD in Providence, RI, maybe there are other members nearby you could get together with or carpool with to events. If you click on a pin on the map, the member name will be displayed. Take the initiative and reach out and say hello! Visit our member page to see if they have a bio page posted there, and see what type of artwork they create.