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Building & Managing Your Own Website

Building & Managing Your Own Website

If you are seriously considering building & managing your own website, where do you start? This lecture is designed to help answer that question. If you don’t have a website and are considering building one, this lecture is for you. If you have a website, and it is outdated and needs to be rebuilt, this lecture is for you. If you are simply gathering as much information as you can before you make a decision about a website, this lecture is for you. Above all, knowing the pros and cons of the various options for building & designing your own website can help you save time, money, and most importantly, your sanity.

Website 101 – Topics to be covered:

  • Hosting options
  • Uploading photos and images
  • Adding content
  • A live walkthrough of setting up a website
  • Sample websites
  • Handouts and worksheets
  • Q and A

Laptops are optional if you want to bring yours there is wifi available in the Nature Lab.

Schedule for the Day

  • 10 – 10:15 – Meet & Greet with light refreshments.
  • 10:15 – 11 – Lecture
  • 11 – 12 – Question and Answer Session

Hannah Hazelton is the presenter for Building & Managing Your Own Website Lecture.

Hannah Hazelton is the presenter for Building and Managing Your Own Website Lecture.

About the speaker

Hannah Hazelton is a web designer and graphic designer with 10 years of experience in the field. She founded her own boutique web design firm with a focus on nonprofits and small businesses. In her current role, she is the principal web designer at a large online retailer located in New England. She served on the graphic arts advisory board of the William M. Davies Jr. Career and Technical High School in Lincoln.

Lecture – Composition for Public Exhibition | Open Critique Session

What’s so important about composition anyways?

When you are creating an illustration for public exhibition, the composition can mean everything. As scientific illustrators, we strive to weave a narrative into our work. This is easily done if you are creating a poster or a figure for a book and you have text to fill in the blanks. What about if you are creating something that is more along the lines of fine art? How do you tell a story and create something that will catch the eye of the viewer in the gallery? This is where the elements of composition come into play.

GNSI-NE’s very own Susan Stranz will be conducting a lecture on composition for public exhibition. She will be focusing on the guidelines for submission to fine art shows and the general rules of composition for public exhibition. Her lecture will be accompanied by images that demonstrate the principles of composition. Following the lecture, Susan has offered to hold an open critique session for anyone who is currently creating a piece for an exhibit. For those of you who are creating a piece for the Mass Migrations Exhibit in November, this may be a great time to get some valuable feedback on your composition. Bring your work-in-progress, bring your sketches, bring a notebook, if you haven’t even started yet bring your reference materials. Let’s all get together and have a brainstorm of creative inspiration!


9:30 AM – 10 AM Open social time. Coffee or tea and light refreshments will be provided.
10 AM  Lecture starts and the Open Critique Session will immediately follow the lecture.

Recording of the lecture is now on our new YouTube Channel!

This is our very first lecture recording, so there are some technical issues, but we wanted to share it for those members who could not join us in person. Please note, the first hour of the lecture does not have much visual content, as Susan was discussing the points of composition that we would be studying in the second half of the lecture. The second half of the lecture features the discussion of numerous paintings selected by Susan to help illustrate the compositional elements she discussed in the first half. These will get better as we do more of them, promise! The first time is never a complete success.

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