Teaching Artist Information

Erica Beade Member Photo

Erica Beade

Freelance Illustrator & Educator

Waltham, MA

Primary Medium(s):
Graphite, colored pencil, pen, and ink

Ages / Grades:
Adults and children 7+

No travel, some Cambridge area outdoor classes offered, mostly online workshops offered

Courses Offered:

Several online workshops are offered for up to 12 participants (2 hours in length including time for drawing and individualized feedback) or in a 75-minute webinar format for larger groups. All skill levels are welcome.

Course Descriptions:

Drawing from the Imagination: Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

Join us to explore some different approaches to the drawing process, using natural objects as a jumping-off point and allowing our imaginations a bit of free rein. This is a fun opportunity to stretch in ways that may inform all different kinds of drawing, from abstraction and impression to illustration and cartooning. Examples and exercises will be presented, and there will be time for drawing and feedback.

The Joy of Mark Making

Rather than focus on a particular drawing material or subject matter, we’ll explore the incredible variety of marks and lines that can be used to depict a subject and what those marks and lines can do – everything from giving character or mood to creating depth, volume, and texture. I’ll show examples and give tips and exercises and we should have plenty of time for drawing and individualized feedback.

Sketching and Mindfulness

We’ll explore how sketching can be a practice for deepening mindful awareness of our surroundings, and how mindful awareness can enrich our sketching practice by helping us quiet inner voices. Using natural objects as our subject matter, we will explore ways to focus our attention, learn to see more deeply, and record our observations more carefully.

Other workshops available – details provided on request:

Drawing on Experience: Learning from Great Artists of the Past
Landscape Sketching
Nature Journaling for Families
Nature Journaling in Your Garden or Backyard
Shading Tips & Tricks
Sketching Animals
Sketching Basics
Sketching Birds
Sketching Plants & Flowers
Sketching Plants & Flowers in Colored Pencil
Sketching Trees
Sketching with Colored Pencils
Sketching with Fine Tip Pens

Course Fee:

Please contact the illustrator for additional information including cost.

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